Wood care

So you can easily and naturally clean and polish wooden furniture and wooden objects.

Did you know that sunlight and low humidity can dry out a wooden surface? Maintaining and caring for your wooden items can sometimes be a difficult task, but an extremely rewarding one. We have developed this simple care routine to help you care for your beloved wooden objects and surfaces more easily.

Step 1 – Clean the wooden surface

Use our Reviving Step 1 - Clean the wood surface Wood Cleanser daily to remove dust, crumbs, dirt and any sticky spots that may have built up. Spray directly on your table or other wooden surface and wipe with a damp cloth. Feel free to use our Mixed-linen Cloth or any other soft linen or cotton cloth you may have at home. Let dry.

Step 2 – Seal and polish

Apply our nourishing wood oil that is gentle enough for regular use with a sponge or dry cloth and spread the oil in circular motions over the entire piece. When the wooden surface is covered with oil, wipe off the excess and polish the oiled surface with a soft, clean and dry cloth. Our wood oil contains only natural ingredients and will preserve and protect your wooden object by penetrating deeply into the wood. It nourishes and protects the surface from water and leaves behind a pleasant scent of forest.

The wood oil can be used on all types of wooden surfaces that have previously been treated with oil. ATTENTION! do not use it on hard waxed surfaces. It is best to always test the oil on a small area before applying it to the entire piece.


Wood is a living and honest material, part of the outdoor world that is placed in our homes and connects us with nature. Here we have collected some tips to help you maintain your beloved wooden furniture and objects.

Always protect your wooden furniture against moisture damage by using glass coasters that prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface.

Always use a trivet or potholder when placing a hot object or food on wooden tables or surfaces.

Dust your wooden furniture often. Small particles of dust may seem harmless, but enough accumulation can scratch the wood's finish.

Do not place wooden furniture in front of uncovered windows, vents or fireplaces, as the light and heat can damage and fade the wood.

If you have any questions about our wood care routine and products, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@actofcaring.com.


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