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75 ml

An effective but gentle natural spray that cleans your objects of dirt and bacteria. Great for keyboards, cords, and interiors such as handles, toys, knobs and light switches.

Eco-friendly bottle made from 100% recycled PET and happiest if refilled or recycled.
Blended & manufactured in Sweden

    - Disinfects the desired surface and cleans objects from bacteria without using soap and water.
    - Made from organic wheat alcohol.
    - Vegan Friendly

    Aqua, organic Alcohol, Propanediol (veg.), Perfume (essential oils).

    • natural ingredients
    • vegan
    • manufactured in Sweden
    • scented with essential oils
    • natural ingredients
    • vegan
    • manufactured in Sweden
    • scented with essential oils
    • natural ingredients
    • vegan
    • manufactured in Sweden
    • scented with essential oils


    Spray directly on your object or take you want to clean. Wipe the custom off the object/surface with a cloth. Our Gadjet Cleanser cleans and disinfects all kinds of objects. Please use together with Act of Caring's lint-free cleaning cloth.

    For natural materials such as wood, use our alcohol-free Reviving Table Cleanser or our Marble Cleanser for porous stone surfaces.


    Where are Act of Caring's products manufactured?

    The products are manufactured in Sweden by our local partner and manufacturer who has extensive experience in manufacturing nature conservation products.

    What material are your bottles made of?

    We only use PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) PET plastic bottles. They may vary in color as we use 100% PCR depending on the source. Our bottles are great for refills, so check out our range of refill packs. Refilling is the best option to reduce waste and lower the impact on the environment. Always remember to recycle your used bottles and keep plastic out of our oceans.

    Are Act of Caring's products organic and natural?

    The base in our products is always of natural origin and we strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible. But in some cases we may need to use
    smaller amounts of nature-identical ingredients, such as preservatives that occur in natural plants but are not possible to produce on a large scale.

    Is there a best before date?

    All our products have a shelf life of three years in unopened packaging. For our personal care products, such as hand sanitizer, soap and hand cream; after your product has been opened, we recommend that you use it within 6-12 months, as indicated by the "period after opening" symbol on the label to ensure optimal freshness.

    Where is the Act of Caring sent?

    We currently ship within Europe. We do not ship to any address in a country or region that is illegal for us to ship to, such as trade embargoes,
    war or conflict zones.


    Act of Caring started as a project to make the things we value and materials last longer by caring and making it something fun.

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