Leather care

A simple leather care routine on how to clean and care for leather.

step 1 - Clean the surface.

Start by mixing our Restoring Leather Cleanser with water in a small bowl (press the pump 4-5 times). Create a lather with a sponge. Wash the entire leather surface with circular movements and then wipe dry. The leather cleaner contains natural soap extracted from coconut and no dangerous chemicals.

Step 2 – Protect and polish the surface

Apply our Protecting Leather Balm in circles with a sponge. Once the surface is covered, wipe off excess wax immediately and polish with a dry cloth. Our Leather Balm contains only natural ingredients from the plant kingdom.

The wax will preserve the leather, make it softer and more resistant to stains and water, and leave a lovely scent.

Always test on a small area before applying to the entire object. Use only a small amount of wax. It is also important that you remove excess wax with a dry cloth immediately, otherwise there is a risk of it drying on the surface. Do not use the wax on suede, nubuck or exotic leather types.

Leather is very sensitive to spills, especially liquids, so they should be removed from the surface as soon as possible to prevent a stain from forming.

Keep your leather furniture, bags, wallets etc away from direct sunlight and electric heaters as this can dry out the leather's natural oils and fade the leather.

Leather wax protects the surface against spills and stains, improves wear resistance and makes the object easier to clean if an accident occurs, and moisturizes the leather so that it does not dry out and shrink or crack.

Because leather goods are susceptible to absorbing grease and oil, be sure to clean the entire surface with clean hands.

Always test on a small area before applying to the entire object.

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