Act of Caring started with an idea and project trying to solve the dilemma of over-consumption and “lack of joy” caring for what we already have. We decided to create a lifestyle concept for how to make things last. Embedded in the core of our organization is consciousness of scarce resources and a sustainability strive to make Act of Caring’s products circular and caring.


Our bottles are made from 100 % recycled milk PET bottles and are recyclable. It gives them a slightly smoked glass feeling. The color shade may change slightly. We think it’s beautiful and will make each batch of bottles unique. We have decided not to use any external packaging.
The material used for the bottles is collected “rubbish” from beaches around the world that is ground down and turned into new plastic. The fundraising project is called “Prevented Ocean Plastics” – POP and is run by a company called Bantam. –

Today our caps and pumps are partially made from recycled plastics. We are striving to find a solution where the caps are made from 100% recycled material. When these parts become available, we will have them.

Using protective wrapping when transporting our products is a must. We use FSC certified paper to protect the products from being damaged during the transport.

We are constantly sourcing for new materials and sustainable solutions whenever they become available.

“Circularity is the only way
to save our planet”


Act of Caring’s core bottle size is strikingly petit. We believe this smaller format, together with a sleek or enticing design, will inspire us to care and do care routines in everyday moments.

We offer refill sizes to all products that are easily consumed such as

• Reviving All Surface Cleanser
• Reviving Table Cleanser
• Reviving Wood Cleanser
• Restoring Marble Cleanser
• Hydrating Hand Sanitiser

On special requests for professional users, we can personalise a refill solution for all our products.
Please contact our Act of Caring PRO-team.

“Our Protecting Marble Wax
can even be used on your lips,
that is how natural we go!”


All our products are based on natural ingredients, vegan and biodegradable – kind to nature.

We have walked an extra mile to find the kindest non-toxic preservatives, which often is the biggest challenge when producing sustainable and commercial natural products.

We are using our background and know – how in organic skin care, bringing the same high standard used in skin care when producing our Act of Caring material care products.

Our ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible to limit the CO2 impact due to long distance transport.

Act of Caring’s products are manufactured in a small workshop on the west coast of Sweden.


We strive to limit C02 emissions by choosing land-transportation whenever possible. As a consequence, it might take some extra time for our products to reach our customers – please bear with us!

We are always looking to improve – please write to us if you have ideas!