Clean and care for marble objects and surfaces.

Did you know that marble can turn yellow if you don’t use the right cleaning solution?
To ensure that your favourite marble surfaces and natural fine stone pieces stay beautiful, follow our marble routine.

A simple Marble Care Routine on how to clean and care for marble and fine stone surfaces.

Step 1 – Clean the surface.
Spray our Restoring Marble Cleanser, pH neutral and gentle
enough for daily use, directly on the surface and wipe with a
damp cloth. We recommend using our Mixed-linen Cloth,
but you can use any soft linen or cotton cloth you might have
available at home. Let dry.

Step 2 – Protect and polish the surface
Apply our Protecting Marble Wax over the whole piece and in
circles using the included sponge. Once fully covered with wax,
wipe of excess and polish the surface with a clean, dry and soft
linen or cotton cloth, to not scratch the marble.

This process will seal the pores of the marble and leave a
protective film that preserves your marble piece and makes it
more resistant to stains. When water no longer beads on the
marble surface, it’s time to reseal.
A 100% natural, plant-based formula without nasty minerals
and nano particles with a scent of forest to enhance the moment.

Everyday care tips for marble & fine stone



If you have a question about care and maintenance of a specific material such as stone, leather, textile, wood, metal or others please contact our Care Bar team at

With good care and careful treatment, you can enjoy your furniture and objects for many years.