How to clean and care for leather objects.

Whether it’s your leather chair, your preloved leather bag or your favourite leather jacket,
regular maintenance is key if you want to enjoy your leather piece for a lifetime.

A simple Leather Care Routine on how to clean and care for leather.

Always try the cleanser and balm on a small, inconspicuous area of your bag first before applying it to the whole piece.

  1. Use the Leather cleanser to remove any dirt from the surface of your bag. Dampen the sponge and add 4–5 pumps of cleanser to it. Squeeze to generate foam. Apply to the leather, then wipe and let dry. The cleanser contains organic soap derived from coconut and no harmful chemicals.
  2. Apply only a very small amount of the Protecting Leather Balm with the other sponge or a soft cotton cloth in circles.
  3. Remove excess balm by polishing with a soft cloth immediately after (cotton or other soft fabric). Do not let it dry or sink in as product residue can settle on the surface, stitching and seams. Buff with the soft cloth to remove residue from stitching.
  4. Continue polishing with the reversed side of the cloth in rapid motion to increase softness and revive your bag’s shine.

Voilà, you are done!

As a natural material, leather should not be excessively treated. Only apply the balm when it feels dry and needs extra moisture.

Care takes time – allow at least 20 minutes for your routine. Do not use the cleanser or balm on nubuck, suede or exotic leathers.

Everyday care tips for leather



If you have a question about care and maintenance of a specific material such as stone, leather, textile, wood, metal or others please contact our Care Bar team at

With good care and careful treatment, you can enjoy your furniture and objects for many years.