How to clean and care for leather objects.

Whether it’s your leather chair, your preloved leather bag or your favourite leather jacket,
regular maintenance is key if you want to enjoy your leather piece for a lifetime.

A simple Leather Care Routine on how to clean and care for leather.

Step 1 – Clean the surface.
Start by mixing a dash of our Restoring Leather Cleanser with
water in a jar to generate foam. Use a clean and soft cloth or sponge
to apply the foam to your leather piece. Do not spot clean any leather,
but clean the entire surface and wipe the surface dry. Our Leather cleanser contains organic soap derived from coconut, and zero harmful chemicals.

Step 2 – Protect and polish the surface
After cleaning your item, use our Protecting Leather Balm.
Use a damp sponge and apply the balm in circles over the entire piece, then simply wipe off the excess balm and polish with a clean dry soft cloth.
Our balm contains only natural ingredients and will preserve your
leather item by making it softer and more resistant to stains and water.
The balm also leaves a lovely scent of forest that will enhance
the moment.

Voilà, you are done!

Everyday care tips for leather



Act of Caring started with an idea and project trying to be a part
of the solution of the over-consumption dilemma and the lack of joy
when caring for what we already have.
We wish to inspire people and invite to care for a preloved or beloved object
and to make things last.

People inspire people.

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